The VisionLink Suite of Applications is designed to help construction / heavy equipment fleet owners get better results and improve their bottom line.

Drowning in data? With VisionLink, you can access the information easily and view the data that's important to you. Easily set up customized machine health or operator induced alerts to be sent via email or text. Want to know how to see insights to increase production, control costs, improve operator performance and run a safer operation?

Join our VisionLink training webinars, designed to show our growing community of VisionLink Unified Suite users, the value the VisionLink platform has to offer them by using actionable data 'every day' to make better decisions and manage their fleets better.

Regular webinars are available.. if you don't see a training session on the calendar contact us now!

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At Finning we offer courses

From "Core Course" that will give your techs a better understanding of cat system and build a good foundation to add to your techs skills and help speed up troubleshooting process

To "Product Courses" which including our compact construction equipment to the largest of mining machines

<April 2019>
G3600 Engine Repair
Apr 22 - 26 (5 Days)

S2 Diesel Engine Systems
May 7 - 10 (4 Days)

On-Highway Engine Electronics
May 15 - 17 (3 Days)

VisionLink Flota Unificada Completo
May 22 - 22 (0.1 Days)


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