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Gas Engine Advanced

Course Date
Nov 17 - 20
Course Duration
4 Days


This course covers the electrical systems and the special considerations necessitated by Lean Burn – low emission G3400 and G3500 gas engines. The majority of the class will be spent discussing principles of lean burn engines; the advanced schematics associated with the accompanying controls systems, doing tests and adjustments of a running G3508 Lean Burn Natural Gas Engine Air/Fuel controlled simulator, and running G3406 and G3512 engines. This is a Caterpillar certified course.


All students must have successfully completed the Gas Engines 1 training course and arrive with their own copy of the Caterpillar Electrical Handbook completed. Students must provide their own safety glasses, steel toed footwear, hard hats and fire retardant coveralls with reflective stripe.


After completion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Check and properly adjust actuator and carburetor linkage.
  • Troubleshoot the ignition system.
  • Determine the effect of turbochargers, aftercoolers and waste gates on engine performance.
  • Connect and use an exhaust-free oxygen analyzer to set exhaust oxygen/emissions.
  • Demonstrate the proper use if the 7X1400 Gas Engine Digital Diagnostic Tool Group for setup and failure analysis.
  • Understand the operation of the Engine Status Control Module (SCM) and its role in the engine protection.
  • Understand the operation of the Caterpillar® Electronic Ignition System (EIS) and how to troubleshoot it.
  • Time an engine equipped with EIS and detonation sensitive timing.
  • Understand the effect of the Methane number on engine timing and performance.
  • Understand how the Caterpillar® Air/Fuel ratio control works on a Lean Burn 3500 engine.
  • Understand how to troubleshoot the Air/Fuel Ratio Engine Control Module.
  • Understand ADEM III Operation.
  • Successfully complete a written exam with a passing grade of 80.

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