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On-Highway Engine Electronics

Course Date
May 15 - 17
Course Duration
3 Days


This course is the first level course and is the prerequisite course for all other Caterpillar Certified courses at Finning (Canada). This course will explain the operation of the computer as a service tool. All functions of Electronic Technician program will be explained and reprogramming of parameters will be demonstrated. Reconfiguration of Electronic Control Modules will be done, including obtaining passwords from the Caterpillar Truck website. Students will work with Service Information System (SIS Web).


Journeyman certification


Upon completion of this course, the participant will have had theoretical and/or practical exposure to the following:

  • Basic Computer Operations
  • Create folders
  • Transfer files between drives
  • Retrieve files from CD
  • Compressing files

Use of CAT Communication Devices:

  • Caterpillar communication adaptors (2 and 3)
  • Data links

Using Electronic Technician to:

  • Become familiar with each drop down menu
  • Program parameters
  • Replace an Electronic Control Module
  • Re-rating engine horsepower
  • Retrieve and print information

Using Service Information Systems to:

  • Locate Service Manual information, such as parts and specifications
  • Locate wiring schematics

Use CAT On Line Web Site to:

  • Retrieve passwords
  • Find Technical Marketing Information

Identify and Explain the Function of the Following Electronic Components:

  • Electronic Control Module
  • Personality Module
  • Test ECM mode

Successful completion of a written examination with a passing grade of 80% is required to proceed to the following course.

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