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Medium Wheel Loaders 938M – 980M

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This Medium wheel loader 938M - 980M course will discuss the operation of the engine, Tier 4 Final emissions system, electro hydraulic implement and steering system, power train, brake/fan circuit, and monitoring system with VIMS 3G. It will also discuss operation controls as well as testing and adjusting of the pre mentioned systems.


SIS/ET, S1 Hydraulics, S2 Engines, S3 Powertrains, S4 Electrical, MEC


After completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Locate and identify all major 938M – 980M components.
  • Locate and identify all filters, dipsticks, indicators, fill tubes, drains and test ports.
  • Identify and trace the flow of fuel, coolant, oil, supply air, exhaust and DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) through the engine, engine supplement, and emission system.
  • Explain operation and test each of the engine, NRS, and CEM systems.
  • Trace oil flow and explain operation of the implement hydraulic system.
  • Trace oil flow and explain operation of the STIC steering system or command steer system.
  • Trace oil flow and explain operation of the fan/brake circuit.
  • Trace oil flow and explain operation of power train and axle oil cooling systems.
  • Locate and navigate through the Caterpillar monitoring and display system.

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