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G3600 Operation and Maintenance

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This course will be customized to suit customer needs and can be delivered at the customer location or site. This course is intended for customer personnel responsible for the operation, general maintenance and up keep of the Caterpillar® G3600 Natural Gas engines. It explains basic fluid requirements and properties as per Caterpillar® recommendations as well as maintenance interval, preventative maintenance requirements and the importance of oil sampling. This course will focus on proper operation of start and stop logics, some basic understanding of engine set-up and controls. Also included is the complete overview of the engine control system and panel operation to interpret fault indicators, codes and the next logical step towards repair.




After completion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Explain general safety guidelines while servicing and working around the engine.
  • Describe proper procedures for prelube, start up and shut down.
  • Follow proper procedures in the event of an unscheduled engine shut down.
  • Identify all of the major engine systems and components, their location and how to inspect and perform adjustments on them for all maintenance intervals from the daily inspection to 2000 hour service.
  • Explain basic engine fluid properties, common failures related to improper maintenance and how to properly maintain engine coolant, lube oil and fuel systems.
  • Explain the importance of proper filtration and SOS sampling.
  • Recognize and explain all Caterpillar® gauges, displays, indicators and control panel information to identify abnormal readings.
  • Interpret fault indicator lamps and fault codes to determine if the engine can be or should be reset and operated.
  • Introduction to the set-up and tuning process.
  • Understand engine ratings and limitations.

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