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973C Track Loaders

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The 973C Track Loader Course will give the participant an overview of all machine systems on the Track Loader. Focus will be given to each individual system of the machine - including Engine, Powertrain, Implement Hydraulics and Electrical. PPE must be used by attendees as per the facility requirements where the training is taking place.




After completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify each of the individual Machine Systems
  • Locate and identify all service points on the Machine
  • Locate and Identify all Operator controls
  • Locate and identify all of the main components for the Engine
  • Locate and identify all of the components in the Powertrain System
  • Trace oil and energy flows through the Powertrain System
  • Locate and identify all of the components in the Implement Hydraulic System
  • Trace the flow of oil through the Implement Hydraulic System
  • Locate and identify all main components in the Electrical System
  • Identify and trace specific electrical circuits in the Electrical System
  • Apply troubleshooting skills to what was learned in the classroom - to the shop environment

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