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Large Track Type Tractors (D11T)

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The large track type tractor course pertains to the CAT D11T track type tractor. The course will discuss the C32 diesel engines and their emission systems. Also to be discussed will be the hydraulics, steering/braking, powertrain, demand fan, electrical control, and new tractor features.


ILT - CLC/SIS/ET, S1 Hydraulics, S2 Engines, S3 Powertrain, S4 Electrical, MEC


After completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Locate and identify all the major large track type tractor machine components
  • Locate and identify all filters, dipsticks, indicators, fill tubes, drains and test points
  • Locate and identify the major components and explain operation of the C32 engine
  • Trace the flow of fuel, oil, air, and coolant throughout the engine
  • Trace the flow of oil throughout all hydraulic components and explain operation
  • Understand and be able to test the hydraulic system and how each component corresponds with the entire system
  • Explain operation of the torque divider and powertrain transmission
  • Perform testing and adjusting on the powertrain and braking system
  • Locate all controls in the new operator’s station
  • Explain the operation of the new tractor features
  • Understand the correlation between different ECMs on the machine
Successful completion of a written examination with a passing grade of 80%.

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