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VisionLink 3D Productivity Manager Specialist Edition for Earthworks

Course Date
Feb 20 - 21
Course Duration
0.1 Days


VisionLink is hosting a series of webinars to educate the current and potential customer base on the software for visualizing and utilizing machine control data.

Machine control data provides precise mapped information that is both elevation and date specific. For earthworks projects, this means that key information can be tracked and reported throughout an entire project history. Attendees of this course will learn more about to answer common earthwork project questions using filters and reports to maximize their use of machine control data.REGISTER NOW

Webinars will be recorded and posted for future viewing.



After completion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the different widget types for earthmoving projects.
  • Learn how to use the volume calculations and cut/fill views.
  • Observe common filtering techniques to identify project progress.
  • See how reports and exports are created and scheduled.

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