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This course covers the medium excavators from 320 to 336 Next Generation Excavator. Subjects covered will be engine performance testing, cab layout, hydraulic pumps systems operation, pressure testing, systems operation testing and adjusting, including swing & boom priority and stick and boom regeneration circuits. Swing circuit testing and adjusting. Travel circuit systems operation, testing and adjusting. The Next Gen monitor will be covered along with its diagnostic capabilities. Electronic Technician will be used to do product status reports, Data logging, diagnostics troubleshooting, and set up of parameters. Flash downloading using a USB flash drive will be discussed and demonstrated


CLC/SIS/ET, S1 Hydraulics, Advanced Hydraulics, S2 Engine Systems, S3 Powertrain, S4 Electrical Systems, Tier 4 Final and MEC. Students must provide their own safety glasses, steel toed footwear, hard hats and fire retardant coveralls with reflective stripe.


After completion of the course, the participant will be able to understand:

  • Be able to navigate and explain the sub menu screens on the Next Gen monitor and how they are used by the operator and service person.
  • Using SIS, look up and record the engine specifications and using correct engine test equipment perform an engine horsepower test.
  • Using ET data log an engine performance test and evaluate the data log to determine engine state of repair.
  • Data log an engine performance service test within ET, and show engine performance on graph.
  • Explain the systems operation testing and adjusting of the electronic hydraulic pump(s) as found on the 320 to 336 Next Gen HEX.
  • Explain how the side by side hydraulic valve is different from the previous E and F series HEX hydraulic valve. Explain how Boom and Stick regeneration is accomplished on the hydraulic valve.
  • Explain how Swing Priority is accomplished on the hydraulic valve.
  • Explain how an attachment valve circuit is added to a valve and explain 2 methods of shifting the valve with pilot oil. Explain the Swing circuit hydraulics and anti-reaction valves including swing priority.
  • Perform a complete hydraulic pressure test of the Next Gen hydraulic circuit including researching the test and adjust procedure and specifications using SIS. Included in this test will be main relief, line reliefs, swing circuit reliefs, auxiliary hydraulics and calibrations.
  • Explain the travel circuit of the Next Gen valve including 2 speed travel and straight travel and the difference between straight travel in the Next Gen valve and the straight travel valve located on the floor of the cab.
  • Test and adjust the 2 speed travel circuit using the cab monitor to make adjustments as necessary. Explain the 2 speed shift logic and why you might want to make adjustment different from factory default.
  • Explain where flash files are located and how to determine history of a flash file.
  • Explain the use of and demonstrate using a USB flash drive to update service software.
  • Use ET to generate a Product Status Report, create the report and save the report in a (new folder) and retrieve the report for viewing at a later date. (This demonstrates file management skills).

Successful completion of a written examination with a passing grade of 80%.

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